January 16, 2010

Holga and Fisheye

I was very, very lucky this Christmas to get both a Fisheye and a Holga in my proverbial stocking. I will admit now they are both shocking shades of pink... I'm going through a phase.

I got the first batch of photos back from Gunn's camera shop during the week. Like the Diana F+ it was great to see how they would turn out so I'd know how to use it a bit better. Anyway, here's the best of my first bunch!


The last one of me in red and blue was taken by Alan :)


Like everyone else in Ireland my Christmas mostly involved the crazy weather! Hence the many snowy/frosty pics!



  1. The doggy one is gorgeous! I'm sending off some super 8 film to get developed, let's hope it comes back with something usable

  2. What's that big scary shadow in the first shot?

  3. Thanks so much again Eimhin! I'd love to see how your film turns out!

    Martin! It's not a ghost thankfully! It's a double exposure of me close up in the snow! Took the picture of the gate and then took the picture of me on top of it!


  4. Hi Dee! Update on the super8 front: http://vimeo.com/9432494
    Some underexposed stuff at the start but it starts brightening up soon enough